Kim Ruocco Obituary: Remembering a Bright Soul (1963 – 2024)

Remembering the vibrant spirit and compassionate heart of Kim Ruocco. Explore her life’s journey and legacy in her touching obituary.

Kim Ruocco Obituary

We are deeply saddened to announce the passing of Kim Ruocco on January 21, 2024. She was a cherished member of our community and will be fondly remembered for her unwavering positivity, generosity, and love for others.

Kim’s legacy as a devoted social worker and advocate for those in need will continue to inspire us all. In this obituary, we honor Kim’s life by reflecting on her journey and celebrating the significant impact she made on our world.

At the age of 51, she departed from this world, leaving in her wake two sons, Joey and Billy, aged 27 and 29, respectively. Both sons chose to emulate their father’s path, dedicating themselves to military service. Her legacy extends beyond her immediate family to encompass parents, siblings, and numerous individuals who held deep affection and admiration for her.

Key Takeaways:

  • Kim Ruocco was a beloved member of our community who passed away on January 21, 2024.
  • She was a compassionate social worker who dedicated her life to making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Kim’s legacy will continue to inspire us to shine a light on important social issues and offer help to those in need.
  • We invite you to join us in honoring her memory as we reflect on her life and the positive influence she had on the community.
  • Stay tuned for more information on Kim’s funeral service and online obituary.

Kim Ruocco Funeral Services and celebration of life

FridayJanuary 26, 2024
4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Twomey, LeBlanc, & Conte193 High Street
Newburyport, MA 01950
SaturdayJanuary 27, 2024
11:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Danversport Yacht Club161 Elliott St
Danvers, MA 01923
Kim Ruocco Services and celebration of life

Celebrating Kim Ruocco’s Life and Contributions

Kim Ruocco was a dedicated social worker who touched the lives of many through her selfless work. After studying Social Work at Boston University, Kim used her education and expertise to make a real difference in the lives of others by contributing to various charitable organizations. She was a bright light that illuminated important social issues, helping to raise awareness and to provide much-needed support for those in need.

Kim’s legacy lives on through the invaluable contributions she made in her community. Her kindness and empathy will always be remembered, and the far-reaching impact she had will continue to shape the lives of those she touched. We take a moment to celebrate Kim’s life and the positive impact she had on the world.

Honoring the Memory of Kim Ruocco

The passing of Kim Ruocco has left a void in the hearts of those who knew and loved her. Her dedication to social work and passion for helping others have left an indelible mark on the community and beyond. As we take a moment to remember her life and legacy, we invite you to join us in honoring her memory.

There are many ways to keep Kim’s memory alive, from donating to charitable organizations that she supported to volunteering your time to help those in need. You can also share stories and memories of Kim with others, or simply take a moment to reflect on the positive impact she had on the world.

For those searching for Kim Ruocco’s online obituary or information on her funeral service, we hope that this tribute serves as a source of comfort and reflection. Kim’s memory will forever be cherished, and her spirit will continue to inspire us all.

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