Steve Cranstoun Obituary – A Life Remembered

Honor the life and legacy of Steve Cranstoun. Explore cherished memories and tributes in his obituary. Remembering a life well-lived.

Steve Cranstoun Obituary

Steve Cranstoun, a beloved figure in our community, passed away suddenly on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, at the age of 72. His untimely passing left his loved ones in shock, as he had bravely battled various health issues over the years. Born on December 31, 1951, Steve lived a life filled with passion, resilience, and the unwavering love for his family.

Key Takeaways:

  • Steve Cranstoun, a respected member of our community, passed away at the age of 72.
  • Despite his health challenges, his sudden passing came as a shock to his loved ones.
  • Steve’s life was marked by his dedication to his family and his unwavering spirit.
  • His legacy lives on through his children and future generations of the Cranstoun family.
  • As we honor Steve’s memory, let us strive to improve the lives of the Cranstoun family and look towards a bright future.

Remembering Steve Cranstoun – A Man of Many Roles

Langford Selly Cranstoun, also known as Steve Cranstoun, was a planter who owned his own plantations, Cochranes and Thomas’, in Bethesda, Antigua. He witnessed significant events in Antiguan history, including worker uprisings and the effects of World War I.

Steve was not only a successful planter but also a loyal friend and a remarkable brother. He shared a strong bond with his sister, Mary Angelica, and was known for his fairness and integrity. He believed in allowing his children to pursue their own lives, even if it meant leaving Antigua.

Steve’s father, John Duer Cranstoun, played an important role as the attorney and Plantation Manager for John Duer, demonstrating the family’s connection to the Langford family. This connection further enriched Steve’s understanding of Antiguan history and his dedication to his own plantations.

Throughout his life, Steve experienced both challenges and successes, becoming a prominent figure in the Antiguan community. His contributions as a planter and his involvement in significant historical events shaped his legacy, which lives on through his children and future generations of the Cranstoun family.

Steve Cranstoun BiographySteve Cranstoun AccomplishmentsSteve Cranstoun Family
A successful planterWitnessed significant historical eventsLegacy carried on through his children
Owned Cochranes and Thomas’ plantationsFaced challenges and achieved successClose relationship with sister, Mary Angelica
Involved in Antiguan historyA fair and respected individualDedicated father

Langford Selly Cranstoun’s Last Will and Testament

Langford Selly Cranstoun’s will revealed his wishes for the distribution of his assets. He appointed his wife, Evelina Cranstoun, and his son, Arthur Herbert Cranstoun, as executors and trustees of his estate. He left specific bequests to individuals, including a sum of ten pounds to a long-time family servant, Eugene Elvira Edwards. He also gave his wife all household articles and a piece of land located on Cross Street.

Additionally, Langford left his shares and interests in various properties to his wife and seven children as tenants in common. These properties included those on High Street, Nevis Street, and Cross Street. He also devised his plantations and estates, Cochranes and Thomas’, to his wife, sister, and seven children.


Steve Cranstoun’s passing has left a profound impact on his family, friends, and community. His unwavering dedication to his family, notable accomplishments as a planter, and the love he shared with those around him will forever be cherished in their memories. Although Steve is no longer physically with us, his spirit lives on through the treasured memories and heartfelt tributes that honor his remarkable life.

Steve’s journey exemplifies the exceptional resilience and strength of the Cranstoun family. His legacy will continue to shape and inspire future generations, serving as a testament to the enduring impact one person can have. As we pay tribute to Steve Cranstoun, let us also come together to support and improve the lives of the Cranstoun family, ensuring they have the bright future they deserve.

Steve Cranstoun will always be remembered for his unwavering commitment to his loved ones, the significant contributions he made as a planter, and the positive influence he had on those fortunate enough to know him. May his memory inspire us to cherish our own loved ones, pursue our passions with determination, and make a lasting impact on the world around us.

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